The Alliance Alive Japanese Launch Date Set For March 30th

The Alliance Alive is a JRPG that will release over in Japan on March 30th. FuRyu announced that it will hold a special presentation regarding The Alliance Alive demo and other features in the game next week. The JRPG is set to come out early next year for the Nintendo 3DS.

Speaking of this new game named The Alliance Alive, folks will be able to get their hands on the JRPG on March 30th, 2017, for 6,280 yen. The news regarding this game comes in by publisher FuRyu, thanks to

FuRyu will broadcast a live demo of The Alliance Alive during a livestream on Famitsu on December 8th, which is just a week away from now. In addition, Famitsu will host a hands-on program or event that will include a talk show featuring produce/director Masataka Matsuura in Chiyoda on December 23rd.

As for the actual game itself and its progression, the player will proceed through the story while changing between the perspective of nine characters of two conflicting races. The protagonists’ fates will gradually intertwine leading to a grand adventure that, before a long journey, leads into a single story.

Looking over to the battle system in the game, The Alliance Alive uses your typical turn-based command system where up to five party members can help fight in a battle. According to the devs the battle system is supposedly to put an emphasize on tempo and features a fast forward function to move the fight up four-times faster. Something that this JRPG doesn’t take out of the grand book of take-turn battles is that monsters aren’t invisible but show up as symbols so you know when a fight is about to go down when out in the field.

Although the trailer below is old, you can check out the original debut trailer to get an idea as to how the game looks.

The Alliance Alive is set to come out for the Nintendo 3DS on March 30th, 2017.


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