The Mummy Trailer Teases The Full Trailer For December 4th
(Last Updated On: December 2, 2016)

Tom Cruise’s new remake of The Mummy features an interesting cast of characters, obviously starring Cruise in the lead role. The new action flick received a trailer that’s only 30 seconds long and it’s used to announce that another trailer is coming this upcoming Sunday on December 4th that will actually show the movie.

So yes, this is yet another announcement for an announcement. The teaser trailer for the full trailer features a few brief glimpses at the action to come. You can check it out for yourself below, courtesy of Zero Media.

I was instantly taken aback seeing Tom Cruise. It was a bit unexpected. It’s also amazing that so late into his career he’s doing a lot of fun, PG-13 oriented adventure and action films. One would have thought that by this point he would have been transitioning into more solemn, older people roles… but no, he’s still running, jumping, swimming, fighting, swinging, driving and romancing at the ripe age of 54.

Sure, Liam Neeson was kicking butt and taking names in Taken while in his 50s, but Neeson is a bonafide badass.

Anyway, the one thing that stood out most to me was Russell Crowe being in the flick. Crowe seems to only pop up here and there in movies and seems to have more of a supporting role when he does appear. In fact, I think he was actually the best part of Man of Steel, giving a hearty and believable performance as the kind of man that you could see inspiring someone to become Superman. Unfortunately, Crowe was offset with a poorly written version of Pa Kent played by Kevin Costner, who seemed to have been given some of the worst material ever to come out of the trudge of Hollywood’s “pizza”-laden trenches.

Anyway, the rule of Hollywood is that you can’t have two good looking leading men if it’s not a buddy-up movie, so expect Crowe to be the villain or the pawn of a villain.

We’ll likely find out just what the real plot of the movie is like when the full trailer goes live on Sunday. Right now the 3D effects have not won me over and I’m already getting some inklings of a feelings running through my common sense bone telling me that Cruise may have been miscast in this. I guess we’ll find out Sunday.

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  • Dave The Sandman

    As soon as I heard that Cruise was starring in the reboot of the universal stable of classic horror monster films I facepalmed and wrote the whole shitshow off.

    I thought the reboot The Wolfman showed promise of gaslight gothic to come…..but then I heard “Cruise to star in Mummy reboot” and saw my hopes head south faster than a flock of geese in winter.
    Seems I was right.
    What made the classic Universal monster flicks what they were was the setting as much as the monster. Seems that the studio have decided to chuck all that out and shift the action into the modern era…so fuck the classic Mummy setting lets shift it to the modern day, Cruise will play some reformed ex-alcoholic archaeologist no doubt called Jack something, and hey…its the current year so lets make it Miss Mummy!
    No doubt next we will get a Tweelite style hunky throb werewolf flick and then a twinkly skinned Dracula who is in his early 20s.
    Fuck it…why not throw in a kung fu high kicking version of Fu Manchu as well you twats? Bet you could pay Jet Li enough shekels…or maybe Jackie Chan?

    Add to that the intention to eventually roll all the monsters together into some sort of aborted Avengers clusterfuckerola….all of course in 3D spazovision.
    And so another beloved franchise gets a millennial Hollydud three vindaloo brown shower rework.
    Mehhh…..I will stick to the Karloff originals, Hammer classics and Fraser reboot Mummy 1 & 2 thanks.

  • Cinj

    Further proof that Hollywood is bankrupt of ideas.