The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 Walkthrough

The Walking Dead: Season 3 – A New Frontier Episode 1 has become available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One along with mobile devices. The new season for the highly awaited Telltale series is now out and available for gamers and some people are already looking for a walkthrough guide to help them with some of the game’s tough decisions in the game, and this Walking Dead: A New Frontiers Episode 1 walkthrough might help you out.

YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames offered up a playlist featuring the two part episode from start to finish, along with the alternate playthroughs. You can check out the first part below.

The start of the episode has Javier getting knocked down by David. You have the choice of being mean or nice to him during the exchange, or ratting him out to his son for being a bully.

The time frame skips to four years later and Javier is with Mariana, Gabe and Kate. You’ll get to make a few talking decisions and then walk around in the junkyard.

There’s a truck in the corner you can siphon gas from next to Gabe. You can climb the ladder and head into the next part of the junkyard where there’s an ambulance with extra fuel to siphon from. A zombie will lead to a small shack where you can move the cardboard by the side of the steps, crawl underneath and enter into the building.

You have a decisive choice of choosing to either stay the night at the shack or keep moving. However, there is a horde coming so it’s something to consider. There’s a group of guys who come back to junkyard and if you lie to them they’ll call you on it. So you can either be honest or lie to them.

After getting captured by the junkyard types, the truck that transports Javi will get tipped over by Clementine. You can choose to be nice or mean to Clementine and choose to inform her about your family.

If you can gain Clementine’s trust, she’ll cut Javi free and the two will need to clear out some zombies before entering into the small town of Prescott.

You’ll have a decisive choice of either covering for Clementine for accidentally killing the guy or trying to explain the situation.

While in the jail you’ll have a decisive choice of either waiting for Tripp or going with Eleanor and skipping town early.

During a dream sequence it’ll flash back to how Clementine lost her finger. You’ll then have another distinctive choice to either go with your family or stay and fight.

You can see what all the alternate choices are for the first part of episode 1 with the walkthrough video below.

Whatever decisions you make will carry over into The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 2, so choose wisely.

In the alternate playthrough, you can make some distinct decisions opposite of what was done in the first playthrough, but many of the outcomes won’t be readily apparent in the first episode. It mainly plays out the same way, only certain character relationships may change.

Whether you choose to stay at the shack or not won’t alter the outcome of Javier getting captured.

Certain things definitely change, such as telling the truth about Clementine killing the man who sold her faulty bullets – it will prevent Javier from being thrown into the jail cell with Clementine. Javier will meet Eleanor by her makeshift place instead of meeting in the jail.

Depending on your previous playthrough of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Season 2, will determine what sort flashbacks you get when playing as Clementine. If you managed to keep Kenny alive then Jane will die.

If you manage to keep Jane alive then there will be a flashback sequence where Kenny bites the dust instead and you will find out what happens to Jane. No matter what, Kenny dies.


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