Thirteen Souls Brings Aerial Melee Combat To Greenlight

Small independent devs better known as Good Games recently submitted Thirteen Souls to Steam Greenlight. The game focuses on melee combat and 12 Dread Disciples, which is a reference to the Chinese zodiacs. Each of the 12 hone their own skills and face off in 1v1 matches, along with a story mode that follows a prince conquering every country.

The game that is currently now on Greenlight and seeking votes goes by the name Thirteen Souls. I was at first a little concerned when researching this game, because I thought maybe it contained stolen assets or was the clone of another game in disguise with a few minor changes here and there.

As of now, nothing has surfaced or I haven’t found anything regarding Thirteen Souls not being legit. So with that said, the 3D fighting game is all about ground combat with aerial combos, and focuses mainly on melee instead of ranged attacks.

Combos and chaining moves will also play a large role in coming out on top as the victor in this game, seeing how long and extensive each combo can be when executed correctly.

Moreover, there will be 12 Dread Disciples to pick from, which also includes an upcoming 13th Disciple in reference to the game’s name. Additionally each Dread Disciple will have different accessories and costumes to choose from, as well as a variety of weapons and skills.

Thirteen Souls will also sport the following modes:

  • Endless Mode
  • Challenge Mode for 1v1 duels
  • Story Mode.

With that said, a trailer and a video by Good Games are up for you to watch that showing in-game footage and various battles.

If the devs can fix up the animations, some of the sounds and even add some more SFX, along with frame-rate fixes, I think this game could be something that’s not too bad.

Something worth mentioning, because I’m sure you’ve seen this on the game’s Greenlight page (which is pretty funny to me) that reads “console level graphics quality”. I assume the text is lost in translation due to a translate program and supposedly means “next level graphics” or something — hopefully.

If you want to vote for this game you can hit up Steam Greenlight, or you can learn more by hitting up the team’s Facebook page.


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