Tiger Knight: Empire War Updated With Christmas DLC, Events

Oasis Games announced that between now and December 27th, there will be a discounted Christmas-themed DLC pack available for Tiger Knight: Empire War featuring 5X Extend Barrack cards, 5X Soldier Seal and 50,000 copper coins. The DLC is part of a four-pack DLC bundle that is discounted by 40% off. Alternatively you can buy the DLC on its own.

The Tiger Knight: Empire War DLC update also comes with four new events for everyone to partake in, including the Soldier Compassion event, the Protect the People event, the Display of Power event, and the simply-named Merry Christmas event. Each event will be available throughout the holiday season to round out the year.

And if that wasn’t enough, they also have a new reindeer costume for gamers to acquire, which decks out their horse with antlers, bells, a Santa hat and festive trimmings. You’ll earn the new reindeer costume by playing through the events.

Tiger Knight: Empire War is available right now, and it’s a free-to-play Unreal Engine 3-powered MMO that’s been receiving quite a bit of positive praise. The game is oftentimes compared to Mount & Blade due to the siege warfare-style combat.

Majority of the gamers seem to enjoy what Oasis Games and NetDragon have been able to pump out, given that we don’t often get games themed around ancient China using more realistic combat mechanics. Oftentimes games centered around the Three Kingdoms are fantastical, over-the-top titles like the Dynasty Warriors series. This time around, NetDragon went with something more grounded and gritty, and gamers seem fairly receptive to it.

They plan on keeping Tiger Knight: Empire War in Early Access on Steam for about six months in total. They just recently put the game into Early Access back at the end of October, so don’t expect the game to exit Early Access until somewhere in April of 2017.

You can learn more about the game and the new DLC packs by visiting the Steam store.


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