Valiance Online, Super Hero MMO Preps For Steam Alpha Test

SilverHelm Studios announced that there will be an alpha test set to go live soon on Steam. The game will allow those who invested into the game already to get some play-time in first, along with those who registered on the official website.

The alpha test on Steam will also be accompanied by a non-Steam alpha test for those playing on Mac and Linux.

The alpha test will include some new updates and features, such as an improved character generator, new passive character traits, an update to the navigation system, a replacement for a more improved mini-map, and the integration between characters made through the website and those made through the client module.

Valiance Online

Some of the press screenshots had me intrigued, especially with the vehicles. As a super hero MMO I’m trying to figure out where those cool looking cars fit in? Will non-powered heroes be able to drive around? Or are those cars just there for decoration purposes? The press release doesn’t really say.

What we do know is that some of the former alum from City of Heroes have been putting in work and time into Valiance Online, so there’s an aim for a certain level of professional quality that the team has in mind.

While they don’t explain much about the game, they do mention that it’s an MMO where players will take on the roles of heroes and villains and battle against each other in a “living world”.

The title has been in development since 2014, two years after the closure of City of Heroes back in 2012. It was greenlit for Steam back in 2015, and crowd-funded earlier this year in 2016. It appears as if it will finally enter into alpha testing in 2017.

You can keep track of when the alpha test will begin by visiting the official Valiance Online website.


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