Valkyria Revolution Demo Walkthrough Details Special Skills, Combat Mechanics

Sega released a new trailer for Valkyria Revolution ahead of its January 19th, 2017 release on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan. The trailer highlights the four commanders. You can check it out below.

That trailer didn’t release in a vacuum, though. Various other Japanese YouTubers have been posting up the early goings of the game, including rolling out an hour’s worth of gameplay from the Valkyria Revolution demo.

YouTuber Emiru The Knight uploaded an hour’s worth of gameplay footage that you can check out in the video below.

The video opens with a quick cinematic intro before taking players to the options menu where they can load a game or choose to play on Easy or Normal.

The intro narration gives an overview of where the story will pick up, detailing how the Ruzhien Empire gas expanded beyond their own domain and have begun taking over many other regions.

Valkyria Revolution is set within 1954 and the World War II motif has been shed for a more mixed cultural theme between Euro Victorian-era aesthetics and anime J-Pop.

After nearly 10 minutes of dialogue, we get a flashback sequence from nearly a hundred years prior, where the J-Pop warriors plan an assault. The characters look like a mix of Attack on Titan and God Eater.

After nearly 20 minutes of dialogue, the game finally puts players into the actual game, where the J-Pop warriors plan their assault against the enemy base.

Valkyria Revolution

There’s a quick tutorial showing how players can make use of the new real-time combat features, a new cover system where you can wall-hug and switch to a sidearm to do long-range damage, and use the special attacks from the characters to dispatch enemies.

Now one thing that is interesting is that the combat – while taking place in real-time – actually takes a lot of cues from Baldur’s Gate. Players can use the active pause to select items and special skill attacks. The game is still a JRPG at its heart, though, so stat micromanagement and level-grinding will still play a role in how strong your characters can become.

After defeating a mini-boss, the game switches parties, and players will take control of one of the other main characters in the game. Each of these characters have their own items and abilities, such as being able to lob grenades at enemies from behind cover.

Valkyria Revolution - Mech

Later into the demo players will have to face off against one of the commander’s mechs… a giant, walking, Loch Ness Monster sort of contraption.

I don’t mean to be a nitpicker of any sort, but the boss mech looks ridiculous. The more grounded World War themes from the previous games that had a small dose of fantasy sci-fi have been replaced with a more over-the-top, fantastical theme in Valkyria Revolution.

It’s such a shame because the Valkyria series has so much potential, but it kind of feels as if they squander it the way they squander Sonic games. Anyway, you can look for Valkyria Revolution to launch on PS4 and PS Vita in Japan during the middle of January.


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