War For The Planet Of The Apes Due In Theaters July 14th, 2017

War for the Planet of the Apes is due for release on July 14th, 2017 next year in theaters, and the first major trailer for the movie has been released, giving movie goers a thorough look at what the general plot of the movie will be.

Clocking in at two minutes and 10 seconds, the new trailer for the film seems to setup a showdown between fragmented military forces and Caesar’s monkey-led revolt against the humans.

The voiceover in the beginning tries to convey Caesar as the compassionate and forgiving ruler – a monkey with a set of principles attached to his balls. Well, things turn sour when elite special forces, led by Woody Harrelson, seek to get rid of the monkey kingdom. You can check it out below courtesy of KinoCheck International.

Harrelson seems to be portraying a cross between Stephen Lang’s character from Avatar and Matthew McConaughey’s Van Zen from Reign of Fire.

If Harrelson is more than just a caricature then the movie will be all the more compelling for it. If it turns out that his character is a one-dimensional kill-gore, then it could easily dampen the effect of the movie’s antipodes theme between human survival and the new rulers of the planet formed through synthetic evolution.

The original movie had some bite to it, but the second movie and the new trailer above has a few people less than enthused about trained military not being able to kill apes. It’s kind of a good point given that Harrelson and the other spec ops crew look all decked out and ready to kill, yet if they’re having a hard time shooting monkeys then it will end up ruining the suspension of disbelief, and at the point the movie has done nothing but set itself up for failure.

Hopefully they have a compelling reason and a probable enough showcase of the army of Caesar being able to apprehend the soldiers without being taken down with ease. It will be fascinating to see how or if they can pull that off in a believable manner when the movie drops in July next year.


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