War Of Rights Winter Update Reveals New Maps And Changes

Indie devs Campfire games updated War of Rights main site to reflect the latest changes and upcoming fixes. Currently available for gamers who are signed up with the technical alpha test, the update details graphical changes and what new locations will be added into the game.  

The indie game that takes a look at the Civil War, which will cover the events and theaters of 1862, has a new Drill Camp Winter update. The devs listed in a long post all the changes that will be present in the game, in which a brief summary in a “field report” can be read below explaining the purpose of the Winter update and how long it took the team to get some of the updates out:

“The whole process was a relatively quick one – about 7 days of work for a couple of developers on the team. That being said, the foundation laid by the work done will be able to be expanded upon should we ever cover engagements in the winter.”

The devs also posted a video trailer showing the snowy fields and landscapes that are now visible to look over.

The update also brings new winter elements like sounds, slippery frozen lakes and other cold weather effects that can be seen in the screenshots below.

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Moreover, the devs also dive into what the programmers are up to and what we can expect when 2017 rolls around…

“The programmers are still hard at work on the core systems needed before we can release the first Skirmish areas. Some of those systems include capture areas, ticket systems, spawn mechanics, etc. They are progressing steadily and we expect we’ll be able to kill each other in glorious combat before too long – sometime in early 2017 is a good bet.”

We also learn that there will be three well known skirmishes during that time period that players will be able to participate in which include the following locations:

  • Dunker Church
  • Sunken Road
  • Lower/Rohrbach Bridge

If you want to sign up and play the technical alpha test that contains the new Drill Camp Winter Edition, you can head on over to the game’s main site to do so. If you want to learn more about this update you can read the full post over on War of Right’s Steam Community page.


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