War Thunder’s New Year Tournament To Start On January 3rd

The MMO WW2 and Cold War game, War Thunder, sees planes and tanks battling it out with boats getting ready to join too (that are now in the CBT), but while players are waiting for water vehicles to release there is an upcoming New Year event that will grant ground forces and planes prizes for participating in the New Year Tournament. War Thunder is out now for PC and PS4.

Looking to get some Golden Lions and other prizes in War Thunder? There’s a new upcoming tournament or event that will allow pilots and crewman to test their reflexes and skills in various battles, including modes like Arcade Battles, Realistic Battles and Simulator Battles.

Although I haven’t played the MMO war game in sometime now, I’m sure those who have taken a break like me or those who are new to the game will be able to take advantage of the prizes given when the event’s date rolls around.

For those wondering when this special New Year event will drop, it’s set to debut next year (or 2017) on January 3rd and will end on January 8th. The tournament will grant special prizes that will give access to things like Golden Lions, which are the games special currency that can be used to purchase extra planes, tanks, and other stuff.

It’s worth noting that each tier or mode holds stipulations to make the event different from your typical game modes present in War Thunder. In addition, certain planes and tanks can only see service in each battle making matches a bit unpredictable, if you and your counterparts aren’t use to the given vehicles in each tier I assume this was done to make the tournament a bit fair — but I don’t know if it’s fair in practice.

For more information regarding each mode and the vehicles/rewards to arrive on January 3rd (through January 8th), you can visit warthunder.com. For more information on this game you can check out the War Thunder on Steam, which recently left Early Access as seen below.


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