Warframe Guide: Here’s How To Get Nidus

Looking to get the new Warframe Nidus? In this Warframe guide folks will learn how to activate the new quest The Glast Gambit, and how to farm for his parts in the latest update 19.5. Digital Extreme’s Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Wasting no time, both Nidus’ trailers are visible for you to watch. The first video is his “Highlight” video, while the second video stands to be his “Profile” trailer. Both videos run less than one minute and 20 seconds and provide info on what update 19.5 brings.

Now that you know all of his abilities, you can now learn how to get Nidus. The first thing you must do is complete The War Within quest-line which will grant you access to the new quest — entitled The Glast Gambit.

The Glast Gambit is an optional quest offered by Ergo Glast of the syndicate group The Perin Sequence. The syndicate group’s quest pits the Tenno against Nef Anyo’s latest schemes as they scavenge to unfold the mysteries behind the Mycona and the Infested.

Upon completing the quest will grant you the blueprint for the Nidus Warframe. Additionally you will be able to find out how to get more of his parts thanks to YouTuber GuidesForUsAll.

If you didn’t watch the video all the way through and skimmed through it, Nidus’ blueprint components can be acquired from rotation C of the newly implemented mission type the “Infested Salvage” mission in Oestrus, Eris.

As for building each of Nidus’ parts you will need to follow the chart below holding the noted components:

Nidus Blueprint:

  • Credits – 25,000
  • Neuroptics – 1
  • Chassis – 1
  • Systems – 1
  • Kuva – 2,000

Nidus Neuroptics:

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Mutagen Sample – 10
  • Plastids – 1,000
  • Polymer Bundle – 2,600
  • Neural Sensors – 3

Nidus Chassis:

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Polymer Bundle – 6,000
  • Plastids – 1,400
  • Nano Spores – 5,000
  • Neurodes – 3

Nidus Systems:

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Nano Spores – 6,000
  • Circuits – 3,500
  • Morphics – 14
  • Orokin Cells – 6

For more information on the latest Warframe Nidus, and the quest-line The Glast Gambit, you can head on over to Warframe’s official Wikia to learn more.