You Will Play As Ellie In The Last Of Us: Part II, Says Director
(Last Updated On: December 5, 2016)

Creative director Neil Druckmann outlined what Naughty Dog’s plans were for The Last of Us: Part II, revealing that this time around Ellie would be the main star of the game, instead of playing second-fiddle sidekick to Joel, and he revealed that the second game is a hate tale… focusing on the themes depicted in the cinematic trailer that pointed to Ellie going out on a search for revenge.

IGN compiled the notable tidbits from the developer discussion held on stage during this year’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California over the past weekend. At the end of the original keynote they aired a cinematic teaser trailer featuring a bloodied and battle-hardened Ellie playing a guitar after steadying her trembling hands.

As noted by IGN, Druckmann revealed that not only would Ellie be taking the lead in the sequel but that the tale would focus around the theme of hate. He explains it right off the bat during the discussion session at PSX 2016. The entire 40 minute session can be viewed below.

For the hearing impaired, Druckmann states…

“If the first [Last of Us] was at the core – the theme was about the love between these two characters, and how we built that through story, interaction, music, gameplay mechanics – this story is the counter to that. This story is about hate, and how we use all those same things to make the player feel that.”

Very interesting.

In order to really make people feel hatred for a character, there has to be mechanics there that give them a choice to express or exhibit that hatred. I wonder if this means that there will be more choices in how players interact with NPCs? Choosing to let them live or die, or torture them or let them go free? Expressing hatred is usually about consequence – negative consequence. So I’m curious how they’ll implement that level of consequence into The Last of Us: Part II.

Druckmann also reiterates that “this time you’re playing as Ellie”, so that people have no mistake about who the players will be in control of this time around. Druckmann also explains around the 10 minute mark that the elephant in the room – the ending of the last game – was not something they took lightly with addressing the sequel. Hence, the reason the game is called “Part II” is because it involves the continuation of what happened from the first game.

Druckmann states that The Last of Us: Part II will be part of a much larger tale and a much larger story involving both Joel and Ellie, and the world that they inhabit. He mentions that there was trepidation amongst the crew with returning to that particular duo of characters, but he asked the gaming audience to “trust us” when it comes Naughty Dog continuing the journey of Joel and Ellie.

The experience takes place a few years after the events of the original tale so Ellie is 19 years old. I’m calling it already: some ragtag gang killed her lover and she’s gotta go get revenge.

The game is still early on in development but they have plans on releasing more info throughout the long development phase leading up toward release.

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  • Melissa Smith

    Some of y’all down in the comments are worse than the sjws & these fandoms combine tbh. It’s just games if you don’t want it don’t play it. I don’t like Neil Druckman, or other words fuckman lol at all cuz of the bull he pulled with Uncharted 4 he’s a hypocrite tbh alot of ppl are in the industry even the few ppl you name, but oh well. I liked Uncharted cuz of Nathan Drake anyways. Idc if a girl, guy, or cyborg is the star of the game. Fuck fanservice. If it looks good & fun I’m playing it lol Complaining isnt gonna make problems go away or get rid of the money they make, and you can’t pretend that certain issues don’t exist. Even tho i see what yall mean with stuff being forced cuz i can careless for other ppl sexuality tbh, or interracial dating for that matter, or whether im playing a male or female in a video game. Ppl can do whatever they want. I also did saw the pedo thing which whoever made that article got issues. Again if you dont want it dont buy it. Yes it’s hella overrated yada yada. Just play something else, and simply stop caring for politics which half the time is bull anyways by how meh this country’s goverment is/or stop supporting the game company then. I remember when gaming wasn’t about everything, but being fun until the internet came along -.- I’m done. Dont read cuz its hella long. Read it. Idc. I’m just putting this out there.

  • I don’t particularly care for this game, but fuck the gender politics surrounding it.

    Really does sum up the pathetic state of the video games industry today.

  • Mr Snow

    Well, it’s got Ashley Johnson who told me I was a monster if I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m interested for sure, but I’ll only buy this used, so Naughty Dog gets zero dollars from me.

  • Cap’n Catpants

    Ellie kinda annoys me. She’s crass, rude and feels like a forced political symbol of SJWdom. I always remember my friend’s complaints about the making of Last of Us focusing almost entirely on making Ellie strong, independent.

  • lucben999

    Considering the direction Naughty Dog has been taking, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ellie finds out about Joel’s lie and starts hating him or even kills him, and this would be framed as Ellie freeing herself from Joel’s oppression. Also she’ll go full-on lesbian, in a very on-the-nose and preachy way.

    • Cap’n Catpants

      It’ll probably be about people sympathizing with the Cordyceps, and importing them en masse to live inside safe zones. Because diversity.

  • Hawk Hopper

    …and its “game devs” get to play as low grade movie directors.

  • Gorgon

    Joke’s on you, I have no PS4, so I won’t be playing Last of Us 2 at all! Fuck console exclusives.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    But who was her lover? Calling it now, it was Joel and he gets killed.

    • I’m sure Joel dies, too. But since Ellie’s a lesbian her lover is obviously another chick.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        I know that whole thing in Left Behind was a little hamfisted, but was it ever said if she was actually a lesbian? I mean I could totally seeing her just giving a kiss to her best friend since they both thought they were going to die.

        • Come to think of it… your explanation makes sense. But Naughty Dog are full SJWs and believe in the diversity scale of oppression, so it’s possible Ellie could have just kissed her friend in a moment of despair, most devs who adopt SJW philosophies just hamfist and go all the way. So it’s very likely Ellie is just a flatout lesbian, similar to how Blizzard is going to announce several Overwatch characters as being full-on gay.

          Diversity in gaming knows nothing of subtlety.

          • Fear Me I Am Free

            That’s what it came off to me as. I mean her friend might have been one, but it didn’t come off as Ellie being one. I mean, you are close to this person and in your dying moments, you give them a goodbye kiss. That would seem more likely of a thing for girls than guys, you know? Though Druckmann & ND will probably do what you said sadly.

          • Well, we could always hold out hope that they don’t go full SJW with the story, but Druckmann says that it’s a tale about “hate” and Ellie clearly is set out for revenge against a group of people, so it’s completely likely that it’s about Ellie getting revenge for somebody she loved and lost.

            The only other alternative — and a theory that some people have floated around — is that Joel actually died beforehand and that he’s only appearing to Ellie as a specter throughout the game. Thus, she’s going out and getting revenge on the people who killed Joel.

          • LurkerJK

            The game turning out to be a white man killing simulator is very likely

            I’m surprised Ellie didn’t get a skin color upgrade “uh, weird reaction to the spores…” Or some other bs

          • Alistair

            HURRAH screams of SJWs having a wet dream come true.

            Killing white males isn’t racist you know but justice. killing females, gay, blacks in a game is rather sexist, racist and misogyny & would not be tolerated.

            another dev to avoid like the plague, and I still didn’t bought uncharted 4.

            As for FF15 I’m may be caving in as it got glowing reviews and sold quite well.

            I didn’t bought FF13 as quick too but that game glow on me once you master the para things like the tank Sen it more like quick reflexes.

            But I wait further before if and when I buy FF15.

          • Cap’n Catpants

            I was talking with some Japanese friends today and they reaffirmed what I’d been hearing about FF15 not getting a good reception in Japan. Interesting to see how the West likes it so much, but Japan does not.

          • LurkerJK

            I am pretty sure that one the dust settles and the beer goggles come off ppl will say ff15 sucks, just wait a week or two

          • Alistair

            That rather interesting could it be that the west liking it so much due to regression lefts.

            It got everything. Diverse of characters 1 sexy cindy, gay men all right not gay men but buddies, no sexy female party. Etc etc.

            Overall the west took a shine to it.

            If the next FF GO the same route I’m finally say good bye to final fantasy. Because why just why the game even censored according to censored gaming.

          • “That rather interesting could it be that the west liking it so much due to regression lefts.”

            Yes It most likely could be, because after all, the game is 95% fanservice to female gamers and 5% fanservice to male gamers.

            Because we all know the double standards of the SJWs when it comes to fanservice:

            Female boobs = sexist and not allowed
            Male pecs & abs = OMG *DROOLS*

            “If the next FF GO the same route I’m finally say good bye to final fantasy.”

            I’ve said goodbye to it ever since FF7. That series has become a fujoshit fantasy shipping bait.

            Expect the main male protagonists to be topless for FF16, because you know female gamers need to be empowered and you cannot be sexist against men.

          • “I was talking with some Japanese friends today and they reaffirmed what I’d been hearing about FF15 not getting a good reception in Japan.”

            A walking Yaoi boyband simulator not getting a good reception in Japan? I’m genuinely shocked.

          • Mr Snow

            Uncharted 4 was really really good tho.

          • Cap’n Catpants

            “Hate” huh. In before F**kmann makes it about Ellie hunting down GamerGate. Wouldn’t put it past him to do that. “Those GamerGate bigots killed Marlene!! Nooo!!!”

        • Alistair

          I remember well left behind DLC that I didn’t bought try too.

          You can have diverse in that DLC both gay and in love 😍 = is A OK

          but two of the same colour in say atelier game from Japanese dev = screams of foul not diverse enough Ewwww.

          Even if Ellie is not a les it still dev pushing they own force diverse into games if a dev that isn’t a SJW they wouldn’t do it.

          Okay what would a SJWs horror film look like, example like ghostbusters.

          Or the males will die at the end and the women will come on top.

          It makes the film disjointed as fuck.

          How about bram stoker book Dracula turn on its head by a lead female role as Dracula, iron man is a black girl, etc etc.

        • Cap’n Catpants

          The impression I got was that they were beyond best friends before her friend left. I thought it felt forced, didn’t enjoy it. They were trying to get us to care about their relationship. That’s not much of a game to me.

    • LurkerJK

      This, joel is dead and she is getting Joker flashbacks

    • Cap’n Catpants

      I think Joel saw her as more of a daughter than anything else. Because of how he lost his own daughter at the start, and later on they gave off parent and child vibes. Although, to some people, crossing over to a more intimate relationship may be a fine line.

      The question is whether Naughty Dog is so into the left agenda and global elite kid-banging that they’d want to promote Joel as a pedo.

      • Definitely saw the Joel and Ellie relationship as a father/daughter thing, but you’re also right about the current push from media toward the pedoland stuff. I hope they don’t go that route, though.

        • ScarredBushido

          and these are the same ppl who hate lolis?