Ancient Warfare 2 Allows You To Create, Destroy And Lead Your Troops Into Battle

Developers JNI-Games Has placed their new game, Ancient Warefare 2, battle simulator onto Steam Greenlight, and so far the game looks pretty fun.

A lot of people have been comparing Ancient Warefare 2 to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS), due to the Red Vs Blue graphics, and, well, for the fact that they are both battle simulator games. However, the developer says that he has been working on this game for a long time, and he wasn’t even aware of TABS while making his own game.

One notable and distinct feature with Ancient Warefare 2 is that you can craft and create your own castles to watch enemy units attempt to siege the castle, switch roles so that the enemies are defending the castle, or even jump in and play for yourself in either first person or third person action, to personally slay troops, dismember enemies, and launch an assault to destroy the enemy castle. I have to admit, the game was pretty fun to test out and play.

Ancient Warefare 2 features destructible environments and ragdoll physics, giving the game a Lego building block feeling as you wreak havoc on buildings and watch them collapse in like domino blocks. The developer says that he is going for a more realistic feeling with the battles in Ancient Warefare 2, so even though the graphics look pretty cartoony, he doesn’t have any fantasy or sci-fi elements in the game. You get things like archers with long range arrows, catapults, cannonballs, swords and shields, and maces.

You can then further customize your troops to outfit them to your liking, launch them into battle, and watch how the game plays out. If you like the more hands-on approach, you can jump right in and join in the action. The developer released a teaser trailer, as well as an actual gameplay trailer, that I linked down below.

Ancient Warefare 2 has a free test build that you can download and play from For additional information about the game, or to cast your vote to see it come to Steam, you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to learn more.