ARC Continuum’s Combat Looks Like It Draws Heavily From Mass Effect

An upcoming third-person action-adventure RPG from developer Akimbo Creations called ARC Continuum is gearing up for a run on Early Access starting January 31st. The upcoming game is set in a sci-fi universe on an ancient planet overrun by conquering, technologically evolved dictators. Players will take on the role of one of the planet’s native Taraanian residents named Hadrian, and the game seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Mass Effect… back when it was good.

The game centers around a mysterious time traveler who leaves Hadrian the ARC device. Players must help the unlikely hero battle against the alien invaders known as the Kasaar. They wield high-tech weapons, cool looking armor and can blast you down in a few hits.

Equipped with the ARC, Hadrian is able to manipulate time, gravity and the fabric of space itself. There’s a short teaser trailer showcasing the game in action, and I would be remiss to say that it didn’t remind me a heck of a lot like Mass Effect. Check it out below.

It’s obviously very rough around the edges. Hadrian basically tanks shots like Ronda Rousey did in that Nunez match, and the AI doesn’t look particularly threatening.

Thankfully, the developers are putting ARC Continuum into Early Access so that they can refine and work on the game, improving the playability and presentation.

They have plans on keeping the game in Early Access for at least a few months as they finish up the single-player campaign mode. There’s also a cooperative online mode that they’re working on as well, not unlike Mass Effect.

It’s a little bit like Timeshift, Singularity and Mass Effect all rolled into one, with a small dash of Mars War Logs.

You can check out the Steam Early Access page right now as the countdown towards the January 31st date continues.


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