Armored Freedom Is A Multiplayer Turn-based Mech Board game

Armored Freedom is a turn-based strategy game, that allows you to play and compete against other players, in this board game style tactical mech game.

Pardon me for ranting, but I really wish Steam would organize and regulate their Greenlight program better. I literally have no idea who the developers are due to the fact that Steam does not require you to fill in basic information about the developer and publisher, so the guy who uploaded the game literally has a blank name.

Regardless, the project itself looks interesting. From what I have seen, it is similar to a mech version of Risk.  Armored Freedom is broken down into turns, you start each turn by rolling the dice to move your pilot around the field, then use action skill cards to attack enemies, speed up a unit, sabotage enemy mechs, defend yourself or give a ceasefire order. All of the cards appear to be numbered, and the card with the highest number will win the round while the player with the lower numbered card will have their unit destroyed.

After you give an order to attack another unit, the game will switch to a battle sequence that will show the two mechs attacking each other, similar to the Front Mission series of games, granted, with a little less detail  to the mechs and their movement. The game will continue to play out until one player is left standing and all enemy units have been destroyed. The developers released a gameplay teaser trailer for  Armored Freedom, so take a look at the video linked below.

The animations look a bit rough, but I think the concept of a multiplayer mech based board game is pretty cool, and gamers that like to roleplay and play tactical strategy games might find this game to be pretty cool.

The Greenlight description says the game will be both cross-platform, local play, feature co-op, as well as multiplayer, so I am assuming that also means that you can play online, but additional details have not been provided yet. If you are interested in this project and would like to learn more, you can head on over to the Steam Greenlight page. You can also check out the official website for further details.

Armored Freedom is scheduled for a second quarter 2017 release date.


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