ATV Renegades Heads To Xbox One, PS4 March 14th
ATV Renegades

Nintendo Switch gamers will have to wait until April 28th to play Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, but Xbox One and PS4 gamers will have their own racing game to look forward to in early 2017 in the form of ATV Renegades from Nighthawk Interactive.

According to a quick report from Team VVV, Nighthawk’s new title is due for release on Xbox One and PS4 starting March 14th in just two month’s time.

The arcade-style racer will see players hopping onto a quad bike ATV and racing against other opponents across 24 different locations across the United States, Thailand, England, Russia, Canada and Mexico.

The tracks seem to vary from tropical trails leading through the mountains, dirt tracks with plenty of jumps and dry runs through the arid desert. There are also tracks that take players through more fun and creative backdrops, such as a deserted castle in England, or snowy mountains within the forest.

There will be nitro charges along with jumps, stunts and opportunities to bump opponents off the tracks. Tricks can also be executed during big jumps while also dealing with the topographically diverse terrain of the various tracks. The developers also make use of local split-screen play against AI opponents, so if you have a buddy or a friend or a family member that you want to play ATV Renegades with, you can do so from the comfort of your couch.

According to one of the screenshots the game lets you choose your rider, choose what kind of ATV you want and then choose your race. You don’t get much in the way of customization based on what was showcased, but the different ATVs have different stats depending on your play-style.

The game looks like a really simple racer for people to mess around with. If the physics are solid, the tracks are fun, the music is decent and the AI is competitive, I guess this might be a decent game to play if you can’t afford (either through price or bandwidth) to get any of the larger racing games out there. Props to Nighthawk for including the split-screen play, though. Despite all the power of today’s consoles it’s still a rarely implemented feature.

You can look for ATV Renegades to launch on March 14th for the PS4 and Xbox One. If the price is decent it might not be a bad buy.


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