Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, Ghostbusters Now Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

Microsoft dropped some good news for Xbox gamers following the abysmal news that Scalebound from Platinum Games had been cancelled. They announced that a slew of Xbox 360 titles are now backwards compatible for the Xbox One, including many classics from the seventh generation of gaming.

Neowin is reporting that the disc-based version of Battlefield 3 is currently playable on the Xbox One, giving gamers an opportunity to experience one of the most prestigious shooters from seventh gen on Microsoft’s eighth gen console. The trailer for Battlefield 3 is still one of the greatest trailers I’ve ever seen. The marketing team was 110% on point at EA when they were promoting that game. In fact, that trailer was so good I’m going to link it below so you can see it for yourself in case you forgot.

That trailer literally never gets old. I love that trailer so much.

But Battlefield 3 isn’t the only Battlefield game to be made backwards compatible for the Xbox One. There’s also Battlefield: Bad Company 2, one of the most popular and beloved entries in the series before it took on the more hardcore, movie-style presentation they introduced in Battlefield 3.

Another popular game is also currently available via backwards compatibility… Dragon Age: Origins. The original that really helped rekindle that lust for a good medieval-fantasy adventure from BioWare back before they went off the deep end with a designer on Mass Effect: Andromeda openly being racist.

There’s also the Ghostbusters game from 2009, most often called the real Ghostbusters 3. This game was a competent release to be a licensed based property and a lot of gamers took to it when it released back in the day.

The backwards compatibility list rounds out with Scrap Metal and Strania, two Xbox Live Arcade games from the Xbox 360’s era of revolutionary indies.

Some of the games are available for digital purchase from the Xbox Store right now, others like Battlefield 3 can only be played on the Xbox One if you have the disc. So if you misplaced that disc you better hop on Amazon to grab yourself a new copy.


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