Bear With Me Episode 2 Launches February 15th

Bear With Me Episode 2

Looking for a noir, point-and-click adventure game? Well, Exordium Games recently announced that the second episode for Bear With Me will launch on February 15th for PC and Mac.

The news was accompanied by a trailer showcasing the story elements for the second episode, picking up where the first episode ended. You can check out the 40 second teaser below.

The game takes place in Paper City, a toy-oriented city where 10-year-old Amber and her stuffed teddy bear detective, Ted E. Bear, continue to investigate the arson crimes and search for her missing brother.

The duo will venture around Paper City, questioning suspects, looking for clues and tracking down the whereabouts of the mysterious arsonist named the Red Man.

Andrej Kovacevic, the game director at Exordium Games commented about what gamers can look forward to in Episode 2 of Bear With Me, saying…

“Players will witness extensive development of Amber and Ted’s relationship in Episode 2, including the underlying strain between them, as they encounter fresh puzzles and new mysteries,”


“The sharp-tongued leads exchange their signature cutting humor as they face darker subject matter than the first episode while advancing classic detective-themed storytelling.”

Episode 2 includes various new locations for players to visit, including a trip to the docks, a visit to the diner, a dive into the Westpaw Casino, and look at Tigren’s Den. These new locations offer players new areas to explore and people to talk to as the dynamic duo continue to hunt down the Red Man.

The game reminds me of the heyday of point-and-click adventure games from back in the 1990s, when gaming was good. The art-style is sharp and there seems to be some cutting edge wit to keep the game’s flow intact.

You can look to purchase Bear With Me: Episode 2 starting February 15th for $4.99. For more info you can visit the Steam store page.

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