Bleed 2 Releases February 8th On Steam

Ian Campbell announced that the side-scrolling, shoot-and-dodge action game, Bleed 2 is due for release on February 8th.

The news comes via a very simple post over on the game’s official Steam page, where a gif and an announcement roll out the news.

The game sees players back in the driver seat of high-octane, side-scrolling hack-and-slash, shoot-’em-up action. The game is similar to a John Woo film combined with a Treasure Studios game.

The sequel to the original indie-made Bleed will feature a full-on single-player campaign, Steam achievements, trading card support, cloud saves, leaderboards, full controller support and the new Arcade mode where you attempt to play through the entire game with just one life.

There are also four different difficulty settings, and instead of just turning baddies into bullet sponges, there’s actually alternate bad guy placements, alternate boss patterns to memorize and new challenges to overcome. It’s a real difficulty setting! There are also seven different levels and 25 boss fights.

Bleed 2 also features new local cooperative play for all of the modes, and players can unlock new characters and abilities. Also, opposite of other AAA games where they usually remove the playable white guy or attempt to undermine anyone who isn’t a trans-minority-disabled-LGBTQ character, Ian Campbell actually added a playable white guy to the game. This is an unprecedented move during today’s identity politics-laden entertainment industry where major publishers and Hollywood studios seem to be trying to find new ways to lose their audience.

On the plus side, Bleed is actually a really solid indie title, and it looks like Campbell took everything that worked well in the first game and then slapped some awesome on it. And unlike a lot of other sequels *cough*Mafia III*cough* he actually added more gameplay features instead of worked hard to take gameplay features away.

Anyway, you can learn more about Bleed 2 by paying a visit to the official Steam page.


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