Blood Sweat Gold: Norse-Style Turn-Based RPG Comes To Greenlight

Developers Blood, Sweat and Code have revealed their new strategy, turn-based RPG game, Blood Sweat Gold, which is set in a Norse and Viking setting, and features the player being able to recruit mercenaries, equip them with weapons, and lead them into battle.

The developers say that you will be able to manage and customize your soldiers directly, to be able to adjust their weapons and armor, as well as develop their skills to allow them to conduct negotiations on your behalf or other important skills.

 Blood Sweat Gold was inspired by other classic strategy game titles, such as X-COM, the original Mount and Blade, and the Jagged Alliance series (all of which are personal favorites of mine). I think you can really see the Mount And Blade influence with this game’s design choice and visual art style, as it has some similar themes with its design. The developers released a gameplay teaser trailer, so check out Blood Sweat Gold’s trailer that I linked down below.

As you can see, Blood Sweat Gold will feature a turn-based, action point, tactical combat system, but the game will also feature permadeath. This means that if you or one of your men die, they stay dead, that’s it; no second chances. So plan your actions wisely if you want to keep your soldiers alive.

For those of you that hangout at Steam Greenlight often, you might recognize Blood Sweat Gold from a couple of years ago. The developers ran a successful Greenlight campaign back in 2015, but they weren’t happy with the finished product that they delivered. As a result, they scrapped the game, rebuilt it from the ground up, and started over fresh to make it bigger and better. This now brings us to the new and improved 2017 version.

Instead of adding a patch to the original game and replacing it, the developers decided to relaunch a new Steam Greenlight campaign as a gesture of good faith.  Take a look at the new and improved combat system for the 2017 version of Blood Sweat Gold in the combat video linked below.


Blood Sweat Gold is scheduled for a January 2017 release date, so if you are interested, you can follow the provided Steam Greenlight link to cast your vote and learn more about the game.


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