Brave Odyssea Set To Gain First Trailer “Soon”

There is a new game in the works, an indie game to be specific, named Brave Odyssea. The game comes in by Nick Carver, and explores the vastness of water in an open world RPG setting. The new game is set to gain its first trailer “soon” and will be for PC.

The new game that’s in the early stages of development comes Brave Odyssea by Nick Carver. Exploring the sea will be the main route to any location around the open-world filled with water, and will feature a form of platforming through different levels of water, making the whole experience unique in practice.

According to the main site the game is billed as an “Open-Ocean Action RPG.” I’m not sure if you’ve noticed what’s in the description but if look closely it reads “Action”. I’m very curious what kind of action elements will be in an open-world sea game that is set in a mystical world?

Furthermore, Brave Odyssea will contain different sea creatures that lurk the ocean along with enemies known as aquatic beasts. You can check out some of the structures that lay across the shores in the game, along with various concepts showing characters, locations and a sea creature.

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I’m not sure how this title will turn out on release, but there is something that I do know which is that this game is trying something new with water-based platforming boat action. The overall concept of Brave Odyssea seems like something that stands to be a gambit in that folks will either skip or cherish.

As of now only time will tell whether the game will be note worthy or not, but in the meantime the dev mentioned in the past that a trailer and the game’s website was set to come out soon, and we already have access to the website, which means that the trailer should be “coming soon” as the dev noted in the tweet below.

For more information regarding this game you can head on over to Nick Carver’s Twitter or the game’s main website.


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