Cars 3 Trailer Reveals New Characters Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez

Disney’s Pixar is gearing up for the release of the third Cars movie, simply called Cars 3. They didn’t add any fancy subtitles to it or attempt to reinvent or reboot the franchise with Covenants or [current year] or a play on the numbers. They’re keeping it simple. In doing so, they’ve also kept the promotional trailers fairly straightforward as well as they introduced two new characters to the roster.

The trailer is more of a character profile vignette for three of the main cars in the upcoming Cars 3. It starts with Jackson Storm, who is likely going to be a very popular kids toy. He’s a lightning-neon blue trims with a sleek carbon fiber colored livery. He looks sporty, flashy and uber cool. You can check him out in the beginning portions of the trailer below.

Cruz Ramirez is the second car spotlighted in the trailer. We get to see the sleek curves of Ramirez who looks an awful lot like the Bumblebee Camaro from Michael Bay’s Transformers series.

The music seems to hint at Ramirez being a fiery Hispanic hot rod on the track. He’s got Antonio Bandaras written all over him.

Last but not least is the main character of the series, Lightning McQueen. He’s received a few more stickers, and slightly improved rendering, giving his form more of a mature display for this year’s movie outing.

The real story of Cars 3 seems to be the graphics… the improvements of the tire physics, the smoke effects, the environmental lighting and the spatial shadowing blurs the line between cartoon aesthetics and real life. Pixar is playing dangerously close to the edge of a cliff overlooking the uncanny valley.

Even still, the movie has a sharp look even though they have yet to really detail what the third (and presumably last?) film in the Cars series is about. Anyway, you can look for the film to hit theaters later this year on June 16th. For more info feel free to visit Fandango.


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