Celestial Breach Update Changes Controls And Adds Mini Map

Around two weeks ago indie devs Dark Nebulae published Celestial Breach to Steam Early Access, allowing folks to play the game during its early stages. However a new update hit the scene that changes the controls and adds a new mini map to help display surrounding objectives/enemies. Celestial Breach is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Celestial Breach started on Steam Greenlight and has now moved on to Steam Early Access, and currently runs for $9.99. The developers behind the game, namely Dark Nebulae, pushed out a new update that brings changes to controls linked to joystick saves, and added a new mini map.

The game also received a new face-lift graphically compared to its days prior to Greenlight, and received some new screenshots showing off new aircraft and environments.

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After update 0.4.6 dropped on January 5th, the way the joystick/special inputs are saved have changed. This means that if you played the game in the past with saved controls and are thinking about playing again, you will have to re-map your controls due to the update that recently launched.

Moreover we have the new mini-map that showcases objectives and other stuff around you as you’re flying about. The short clip comes in from the team’s Twitter account and can be seen below.

You can check out one of the most recent video trailers posted that is not a test preview. The video showcases new maps, features and more, courtesy of Celestial Breach‘s channel.

The devs also noted that fans can expect more fixes to the game that include maps, sounds and animations, which will be followed by new content:

“The priority right now is fixing the problems that you may encounter, but apart from that, new content is also on the way, like new enemies, missions and maps.”

You can get Celestial Breach for $9.99 by heading over to Steam Early Access, or you can learn more about the game by visiting the Celestial Breach’s main site.


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