Celestial Crossing Asks Gamers If They Would Get Along With Their Own Character

Development studio Touwaku Studio recently released a new visual novel on Steam recently that puts players in a very interesting position: what if your favorite created character in a video game came to life?

The name of the visual novel is Celestial Crossing and it features high-school student Hikaru who plays his favorite game all night long, only to find the next morning that his custom character, Nerith, has come to life.

The character Nerith is a no-frills barbaric elven warlock who has no discretion about getting undressed in public, wearing outfits that would trigger SJWs and pretty much ignoring the laws of man.

The game still manages to contain all the fan-service that most ecchi fans have grown to love. You can check out the art for the game and some of the characters with the trailer below.

The novel has so far been receiving a lot of positive reviews from the Steam community. Gamers actually like it more than just for the tasteful fan-service. There are a lot of people giving Touwaku props for being able to intertwine what it would be like having to deal with a character from a world not like your own, and the reality bending responsibilities that come along with it.

For the most part we get a small slice of life from Hikaru’s dealings with his elven warlock, who is about as tough as she is visually desirable. The only major complaints is that the story is a bit short but there is talks about a second part of the story to finish off where they started.

According to some of the reviews you could finish the visual novel in about two hours, but if you speed-read you might be able to get through it in about an hour or so.

You can pick up a digital copy of Celestial Crossing for only $9.99 from over on the Steam store.