Civilization VI Mod Support And Steam Workshop Confirmed By Firaxis

It should come in as no surprise that developers usually hold out on mod support and mod tools  to accumulate more money from a game via DLC. Oftentimes with mods available, instead of buying DLC gamers could just make better content to compensate for poor features. Sadly, there’s no mod support for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI as of this moment, but that is said to change based on a multiplayer live-stream. Civilization VI is out now for PC via Steam.

According to publication site Niche Gamer, Firaxis has confirmed that both mod support and Steam Workshop will be available some day for Civilization VI. This was announced over on a multiplayer live-stream and posted up on Reddit detailing that both tools are in the works for Civilization VI.

In addition to the news regarding mod tools, the Firaxis announced that those features are on their way, but they are not ready for the public to consume them yet, which most likely translates into “we have a couple of more DLCs to ship to you, wait before you can make our game better”. But all jokes aside, Firaxis’ Pete Murray had this to say about Modding support and Steam Workshop:

“The team is working on those, and when we have more information to share with you, we will be sure to do so”.

Mods are still being made for the game just not through official tools and on Steam’s Workshop platform like other games. Speaking of other games, developer like Giants Software should be applauded for releasing Farming Simulator 17 with mod support right away and even providing various websites with tutorial videos on how to mod the game on release.

Taking up the mind-frame like Giants Software not only welcomes people who are leery about a game, it also invites more people to play the game knowing that the devs are making a title to be fun instead of draining your wallet with content that’s sub-par, which is why we see various studios halting mod support because it would trump all official DLC. In other words, if devs make a good game, it doesn’t matter if mod support launches before DLC, gamers will buy it if it’s made sincerely and made well.

Lastly, I hope the devs manage to fix up their own game and bring mod support along with AI adjustments and so on, so that the overall experience is something to cherish through the years to come. As of now Civ VI is out for $59.99 on Steam.