Conquest: Frontier Wars, 16-Year-Old RTS Game Resurrected On Steam
Conquest: Frontier Wars

Descendent Studios and Fever Pitch Studios have teamed up together to resurrect a 16-year-old real-time strategy game called Conquest: Frontier Wars. The game was originally made available on PC by Ubisoft before they abandoned PC gamers and called 95% of them pirates.

The old game’s new release sees the sci-fi title being made available for only $6.99. During its first week of being on sale on Steam’s digital distribution store you can actually get it for 40% off for only $3.59.

The game is pretty small, clocking in at only 5GB. Nevertheless, it promises a lot of large-scale experiences, including six different admirals at your command fighting across 16 different interplanetary maps that sees fights taking place on a galactic scale.

There’s a intro cinematic of the game that’s been restored for today’s generation of gaming, and I must say that Conquest: Frontier Wars actually holds up better than I expected. It looks quite solid to be 16 years old. Check it out below.

A couple of people have expressed complaints about the game not properly scaling to 1080p displays, and the CG movie above doesn’t always shut down after finishing up. These were issues that popped up on Windows 10, in case you were wondering.

Of course funnily enough there were comments about Conquest looking and playing like a “game from the 90s”, no surprise given that it originally released in 2001.

To be completely honest I don’t remember this game at all. Devil Insider? Sure. Kingpin? Definitely. Halo? You better believe it. Conquest: Frontier Wars? Not a chance.

However, if you missed out on the game when it released more than 15 years ago and you wanted to play an ancient relic from the yesteryears of RTS gaming, you can check out Conquest: Frontier Wars over on the Steam store right now.

If you’re leery about the gameplay and want to see what the single or multiplayer features are like, there’s a near half-hour video you can check out below from YouTuber Space Game Junkie who offers a look at the gameplay and features.


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