Counter-Striker: Classic Offense Seeks To Bring Back The Old CS 1.6
(Last Updated On: January 13, 2017)

Are you a 1.6er? Did you like using the Deagle and b-hopping in the past? Those looking for classic Counter Strike (or CSS) vibes, a new mod is on Steam Greenlight looking to integrate an option in CS:GO to let players go back to the classic days of Phoon.

Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive is a free mod that will change Global Offensive. If you don’t like some of the stuff in CS:GO and prefer to go back to the days of version 1.6, this new mod that seeks votes on Steam Greenlight will allow you to do just that. The mod comes in by Dayik and  Zool; both the official description and video trailer sit below.

“Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive is a free modification for Global Offensive, aiming to recreate the 1.6 vibe while keeping best of both games.”

If the above is something that seems like a mod worth playing, as of now, the modification is currently up on Steam Greenlight. However it is worth noting that a lot of people are trying to back this project and are genuinely looking forward to this mod to be fully fleshed out according to various comments linked to Zool’s mod contact page and on Greenlight.

In addition to seeing things like the deagle and bhopping, quick-scoping and dancing on your counterpart’s head will be just as prevalent as in version 1.6. But this now strikes the question, how many know about version 1.6 and about players like Phoon?

If you are new and have no idea who he was or is, same with said actions, there is a video compilation of his bunnyhop frags, since all of his videos have been deleted from his YouTube channel pertaining to Counter-Strike.

Those wondering why the song La Caution – Thé à la menthe from Oceans Twelve‘s laser scene with Vincent Cassel is playing in the background will find that a lot of people were comparing him to Cassel’s character in the movie, because his movements were like Phoon bhopping, which if you watch any video containing that scene you’ll likely see Phoon references like “ADMIN HE’S DOING IT SIDEWAYS”.

Anyways, if you want to help support the mod you can hit up the link to Steam Greenlight.

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  • Jim

    I honestly have no clue why people still like this series. It’s not trying to be a real asymmetrical tactical CounterTerrorist game like Rainbow Six Siege, and it’s not trying to be an action Call Of Duty game either. The recoil on these guns are awful and you have to learn the very specific bullet and recoil patterns on each of the 15+ guns in order to use them properly. There’s no real tactics except to rush forward and peek shoot from every corner. I rarely if ever saw anyone use grenades at all. It’s too fast to be tactical, but too slow to be a run-n-gun type of shooter. This series feels like a bad Quake mod with a Terrorism skin on top.

    • I 110% agree with you every step of the way. I try to watch the tournament matches but it’s just peek shooting, like you mentioned. I don’t get it, but people love Counter-Strike.

    • Ebalosus

      >Not sure if trolling, or just stupid.

      • Jim

        Half Life 2 and Undertale is overrated too. 😛 Not everyone has the same taste in games.