Cube Life: Island Survival Coming To Nintendo Switch In Late Spring

Cube Life: Island Survival, the Minecraft style creation and survival game from independent developer Cypronia, is scheduled to launch for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 later this year during the spring.

The developers released a new trailer for the upcoming Switch port of them game, featuring just a minute’s worth of gameplay for the build-and-survive title.

You can check out the trailer below.

Cube Life came out two years ago for the Nintendo Wii U, and now the game is coming to PC, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer doesn’t show much, but gives gamers a glimpse at the Minecraft-esque gameplay, which consists of the same blocky voxels as Mojang’s title, along with the ability to break down blocks, build up structures, craft weapons, hunt for food and resources by killing animals, and swimming around in a rather beautifully rendered virtual ocean.

Basically, if you’ve played Minecraft then you know exactly what Cube Life is about.

Now unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if this indie project will be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. They mention that the game will arrive in late spring, where-as the Switch is launching right at the start of spring. So there’s going to be some distance between Nintendo’s new console and Cypronia’s open-world building-block game.

Even still, at least we know that the console will have a solid Minecraft-style game made available for it early in its lifespan. It sure beats the delayed appearance of the original Minecraft only making its way to the Wii U years after its release.

For those of you who already purchased Cube Life on the Wii U, you’ll be eligible for receiving a free digital key for the Nintendo Switch version of the game within the first four days of release. Everyone else will have to pony up $4.99 for the game. For more info you can visit the official Cypronia website.


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