Cult Of Chucky Teaser Trailer Promises An All New Horror Adventure

Child’s Play has been an ongoing horror series for 30 years. It’s hard to believe that it’s been around for as long as the The Legend of Zelda, but one has seemingly matured and aged a lot more gracefully than the other. Nevertheless, movie studios are having a hard time milking fresh new franchises, so they’ve gone back to milking old ones… thus, we get the Cult of Chucky.

The recent teaser trailer promises an all new entry in the long running horror franchise. They don’t actually show much of the new movie, just hints and teases about what’s to come. You can check it out below courtesy of Movieclip Trailers.

The teaser trailer actually contains a lot of old footage from the earlier Child’s Play films starring Chucky. We see how over time he eventually gets pretty cracked, scarred and turned into the fugly beast that he is today. To be honest, the original toy design was always the best design given that it combined that natural charm of something young kids would actually want with seriously creepy face and hair. It worked really well.

The new Chucky design looks like the doll from hell.

It’s tough to tell if this will be a continuation from 2013’s Curse of Chucky or something all new. The last film acted like a reboot of sorts, but actually was sequential to the rest of the other Chucky films. The evil doll had managed to get a facelift to cover up the scars and cracks in the exterior, and then proceed to kill the family one by one in typical horror movie fashion. The real treat for the movie came with the ending, and how Chucky managed to escape… it actually kind of made a lot of sense.

Of course, the real question is if this is a sequel to the Curse of Chucky, how did the maniacal doll escape from Andy’s shotgun? Maybe he didn’t, which is where the cult comes into play – maybe a cult revives Chucky after he gets offed by Andy? We’ll likely have to wait for the full trailer to get an understanding of what the plot is for the new film.


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