Cuphead Will Make An Appearance At GDC 2017 Animation Bootcamp

Mark your calendars if you want to get some questions in pertaining to Studio MDHR ‘s Cuphead and its animation process, gameplay and what the team has in store for fans, starting on February 27th. Cuphead devs will be among other developers such as those who worked on Overwatch and the Witcher 3, meaning you get to ask questions about those games, which will be at GDC 2017 Animation Bootcamp.

Artist and animators in the making will be able to find out more regarding Cuphead and what the devs plan to give folks when it releases this year. The GDC 2017 Animation Bootcamp event will last for two days and will allow gamers, artist and folks around and about to attend the conference on Monday and Tuesday, February 27th and 28th this year.

Animation Bootcamp is one of the many Bootcamps and Tutorials that take place during the first two days of GDC and offer participants the chance to ask and explore a variety of topics. These topics include game production, level design, art direction and how animation falls in place, and given how Cuphead resembles being shot on 1’s and not 2’s or 3’s, it’ll be interesting to hear the methods they used to create characters and how they animated them.

The day is said to start off with a more traditional focused talk on expected animation process but then shift the next day on game development. The event will show off tools and much more, while covering other things regarding animations. While we wait for more information regarding both GDC 2017 (that will gain more information in the coming weeks) and Cuphead, you can look over the original 2015 E3 trailer for the game in case you want another look at the 2D adventure-platformer.

I’m not sure if the devs will allow folks to test-run an up-to-date playable build at the event, which if they did that would be pretty cool, but what is certain is that Cuphead will be at the event and you’ll be able to attend starting on February 27th.

Cuphead is set to release this year (or 2017) for PC and Xbox One.

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