Dark Souls 2, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Join PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now was recently updated with Bandai Namco offerings, including Dark Souls II, Namco Museum Essentials Dead To Rights: Retribution and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The news was made via a post on the PlayStation Blog by Brian Dunn, the senior marketing manager for the PlayStation Now service. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer highlighting the four games being made available on the subscription-based cloud streaming service.

The whole thing is still expensive as crap. There’s $9.99 for the first month for new subscribers only, or you can go for a year-long subscription for $99.99.

You can also get a seven day free trial before committing to exhausting your wallet on the service. PlayStation Now probably looked like a good idea to the executives if they were thinking about digital streaming services for 2025, but at the moment there are heavy data caps in America from big name companies like Comcast, and cloud streaming does not play well with data caps given how much bandwidth it consumes.

However, if you have unlimited caps and you can afford to rack up a massive amount of data usage over the course of a month, PlayStation Now probably doesn’t look like a bad offer.

Even still, it pales in comparison as a service to simply having access to backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. It’s hard to justify paying $99.99 a year to play games like Dark Souls II and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 when you could just plop in the Xbox 360 disc and play the game on your Xbox One without any problems.

The funny part about it is that in the comment section there are a bunch of fanboys asking about Demon Souls and the first Dark Souls and why those two games aren’t on PlayStation Now. That’s actually a darn good question, but the whole service is fairly sparse when it comes to offerings, especially given the high prices. Anyway, you can subscribe to PlayStation Now and get a seven day free trial if you’re a new subscriber, or you can roll out $9.99 for the first month if you haven’t already. For people who already gave the service a try and want to dive back in, the pricing gets pretty expensive for you.

You can make use of PlayStation Now on the PS4 and PC, so if you’re inclined to play some PlayStation exclusives it’s not the worst option in the world if your PC lacks the capability to play emulated titles.


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