Days Of War Set To Hit Steam Early Access On Jan 26th

Driven Arts posted up an update showing when Days of War is set to release on Steam Early Access, and upcoming features to come later in the game’s lifespan. Days of War is a PvP arena style shooter game that’s set to release for PC via Steam Early Access on January 26th.

I love WW2 games that enforce tactics and strategy, however I don’t care too much for WW2 arena style shooters, which Days of War fits into perfectly. Looking over to something that caught my attention is that Driven Arts published Days of War on Greenlight, and to my surprise the game actually functions a lot better than other Greenlgiht games.

Something that also surprises me is that the indie devs actually posted up a road map detailing future content with pictures to show what’s shaping up in development, along with other content that they have in the pipeline.

Before jumping into the game’s updates and features, you can take a look at the newly announced Early Access release date for Days of War.

The team followed the release date announcement up with two maps and two game modes. One map sees a rocky coast out in the fields of Italy mentioned in the D-Day invasion plans, while the map sees comrades fighting in blistering cold weather in the bulge of Belgium. As for the two modes, domination and detonation will be in the EA version of the game and the rules of said game modes will follow the names given.

My favorite part in the update includes the map editor. The devs noted that there are a lot of creativity gamers waiting to show their skill, and to better acknowledge that creativity the devs will launch the map editor “ASAP.” So look forward to the map editor launching with the EA build along with Steam Workshop support.

Russian and British soldiers will also make an appearance in the game, along with both forces using respective weapons and ballistics during WW2. You can see both factions and the dev team progress in two new images.

The devs also note that gameplay stability and game breaking bugs are a top priority on the development list, which is accompanied by stable FPS. In other words, this means that the devs should address anything that dips the FPS into abysmal numbers, while fixing any bugs that make the game almost unplayable.

The last piece of information in the update post revolves around progression and unlocking cosmetic items that do not enhance weapon stats, but simply reflect a player’s taste in design and colors. This system is designed not to encourage players to focus on K/D and stuff, but to play various game modes in the game and have fun. The current UI for the progression system can be seen below.

If you are looking to play Days of War, the upcoming FPS game is set to enter Steam Early Access on January 26th. For more information regarding this game you can visit or Steam’s Community page.


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