Death Mark: Famitsu Preview Reveals New PS Vita Game

A new game has been announced over on Famitsu through a brief description and a few screenshots. The game comes from developers Experience who are best known for RPG and dungeon games — and this this new title, named Death Mark, is an adventure horror game. Death Mark is set to release for PS Vita sometime this Summer.

Thanks to Famitsu we now know that Death Mark is an RPG horror game with adventure elements sprinkled throughout. Holding familiar features that Experience is known best for, this project has a release date set for the Summer of this year and will launch on the PS Vita.

Before posting up the description that summarizes why players are doing what they are doing, a few screenshots are up for you to look over.

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So far the game, according to various comment sections and forums boards, caught quite a bit of RPG fans’ attention, which if you want to learn more about Death Mark the description that Famitsu posted sits below.

Anyone who possess the “mark” will die. In the Tokyo metropolitan region H City, where such rumors began to circulate, a case thought to be a suspicious death as a result of the “mark” had occurred. This “mark” was put on the body, like a birthmark. The cause of the birthmark is uncertain and has caused various rumors, such as it being the result of a ghost encounter somewhere or unknowingly coming into contact with a curse. One day, among those who possess the “mark,” people were initially invited to a mansion. You are among those people. “Welcome to Kujou Mansion.” The lord who greets you is a beautiful doll who quietly began to speak, “You will die if you stay like this…” “but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way to be saved.”

The horror adventure game sees a middle-aged man who lost his memory partnering up with one of the “Marked Persons” investigating the mansion. It is noted that players must choose the best option to escape, or face kaii which means death. Upon making the wrong decision when on your journey means instant death and will result in failing the game.

Death Mark will come out for PS Vita this Summer, and is noted by the devs to be 50 percent complete. If you want to read the full post that Famitsu has up you can head on over to


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