Destiny Glitch Lets You Farm Exotics And Skeleton Keys Quickly

I’m sure a lot of Destiny Guardians on PS4 and Xbox One are looking for quick ways to farm exotic items and Skeleton Keys. A new glitch allows Guardians to do just that and farm those items quickly by glitching out before fighting Phogoth. This glitch is guaranteed to always work and will raise Guardians’ chances of getting more exotics and Skeleton Keys.

If you haven’t already found this glitch before fighting Phogoth you’ll be in for a surprise, especially if you are running low on Skeleton Keys and are looking for more exotics. This particular¬†Destiny glitch was originally discovered by MystikxOutlaw and was given more attention by Violent Privilege Gaming through a new video guide.

When attempting to do this glitch it’s best to play as the Hunter or a Warlock to cover distances better when platforming during the initiative process to get the glitch working. Whatever gear you like that allows you to jump extra times while using a weapon like a sword will guarantee that you’ll make it over some of the large gaps present outside the dome.

It is also worth noting to bring a lot of Three of Coins with you so that you can get extra stuff after killing Phogoth, which will come in handy.

Before showing you the video, I’m sure you’re thinking what is this glitch? Well, to explain it in the most concise way the glitch lets you escape the dome before facing the boss, and when done correctly, the boss and the enemies will spawn in while over the arena. This method of spawning them outside the dome will make it so that they will not attack you after entering the dome and the arena.

After killing all enemies (including the boss) and taking all the loot you will need to jump off the ledge directly in front to restart the mission so that you can repeat the whole process.

The video guide that Violent Privilege Gaming has up on his channel sits below for you to watch.


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