Digimon World: Next Order Launch Trailer Revealed

Part of the Digimon fan-base can rejoice, Digimon World: Next Order launch trailer has arrived to acknowledge the official Western release that is now available over in North America, which will be accompanied by the European version starting this Friday. The game will also release in Japan on February 26th.

If you are looking to play the latest Digimon game in the West you will now be able to in North America, however folks in Europe will sadly have to wait until Friday to get a copy of Digimon World: Next Order.

Speaking of having to wait, folks over in Japan will need to wait all the way until February 26th to get the game. The JP version will go by the name of Digimon World: Next Order International Edition and will release in the next 26 days.

Looking over to the new launch trailer, the video covers the power of Omega and how it is overwhelming the Digital World. This threat is said to be the biggest and most fierce threat in recent times. Facing new enemies and going on a grand adventure, the fate of the future all depends on you.

“The power of Omega is overwhelming and now the Digital World is facing a threat they’ve never seen before. Get ready to DIGIVOLVE and face new a type of enemy. The fate of the future is in your hands!”

You can check out the the new trailer for the game, which runs for one minute and 10 seconds. The launch trailer comes in by Bandai Namco Entertainment America.

After the release, players will be able to enjoy new content thanks to free DLC. Piedmon, Myotismon, and Boltboutamon are all joining a new, mysterious event. Several other events, involving different Digimon such as Piedmon, Tukaimon, or Sorcermon, will also be available.

Digimon World: Next Order is set to release for PS4 in Europe on January 27th, and over in Japan as Digimon World: Next Order International Edition on February 26th, which one version of the game is now available for folks in North America.


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