Double Cubes, Puzzle Game Now Available On Steam Early Access

Recreate4 and Nova Dimension have released their puzzle game recently, which goes by the name of Double Cubes. The puzzler explores first-person cube switching and platforming to traverse through a military trial designed to test cyborg soldiers and their brains. The PC game is available now through Steam Early Access.

Although I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games, there are quite a bit of gamers out there that really do enjoy the genre. This brings us to the newly released puzzler entitled Double Cubes. The game is much like any other puzzle game where you pick up blocks from one area and move them around to another location to traverse to the next section.

Story wise the game sees you (the player) assuming the roll of a cyborg soldier, in the year 2097. The objective set for this cyborg is to see if the brain of said character is up to par by passing a test in a virtual room, which failure is not an option.

The description for Double Cubes is available to read below.

“Year 2097. You are a cyborg soldier, a member of Elite Military Forces. Your objective is to complete first step of checking your brain potential in the virtual room. You must act accurately and fast, not to make mistakes and pass through the whole course. Failure is not an option.”

As per usual, a trailer sits for your viewing pleasure and shows what Double Cubes has to offer. The video trailer reveals a brief segment of the intro and more than two minutes of gameplay. You can check out the video thanks to Nova Dimension.

If this game seems like something worth purchasing it currently has a 40% off deal running that drops its initial price down from $4.99 to $2.99. This deal is set to end on January 10th.

For more information on this game you can visit Steam seeing how the devs don’t have an official site yet.


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