Dragon Quest Monster: Joker 3 Professional Details New Features

Square Enix has released a batch of new screenshots showing off the Japanese version of Dragon Quest Monster: Joker 3 Professional. Although there’s no word on a Western release, the game is set to debut for the Nintendo 3DS on February 9th.

Square Enix released some new info regarding DQM: Joker 3 Professional that comes with screenshots. As usual, the stills show in-game footage that detail the 3DS game and its features, and then some.

Without wasting anytime you can check out the screenshots that Square Enix released.

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For starters, we find that the devs added in some new monsters, and brought something else to the feature titled Super Life Fusion. This feature has been enhanced to allow fellow monsters to unleash more power than before, resulting in a trusty evolution called Super Life Fusion Modified.

In addition to this feature monsters born through it can obtain or reach a maximum level of 120, and skills will increase drastically too. As the game progresses onward the feature known as Super Life Fusion will evolve into Super Life Fusion Modified (as noted above) and will modify various abilities, raise the maximum cost to learn special traits, and will increase a “variety of tactics.”

We also get a synopsis of five different monsters in the realm of Dragon Quest Monster: Joker 3 Professional. Each of the five monsters’ bios are listed below.

Darck: A monster famously known as a collector. Upon riding this creature it tightly grasps a shinning jewel.

AsuraZoma: A Zoma that happens to be very serious, AsuraZoma has mastered the power of darkness. It also mastered both physical attacks and magic.

Semergias: Is most famous for its evilness and is a god of battle. It unleashes strong physical attacks using the weapons in both of its hands.

LordDraco: A dragon beside himself in anger. He’s a brutal dragon who packs a real punch when you ride it.

Baboon Beast: A four-eyed creature with the behavior of a king drifting about him. No matter what place or situation, he will never leave from his throne.

As of right now there is no Western release date set yet, but the game is due out in Japan on February 9th for the Nintendo 3DS.


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