Economic Conquest, Strategy Game Now Available On Steam

Do you like numbers? Do you also find tycoon simulators dealing with maximizing your profits to be fun? Well, it seems that developer Frismo has a new game that is available right now over on Steam that allows you to play the role of an economic leader against other fellow world leaders.

After launch in Early Access for Steam and currently available for purchase, Economic Conquest brings forth the art of world domination through strategy, and being a cunning mastermind of resource and money.

The game challenges you to influence the economy to solely benefit your endeavors, whilst decimating anything that your fellow counterparts are trying to cook up.

“Economic Conquest is a tycoon simulation strategy game with a single goal in mind: conquer the world economy! Select a starting country, build up your business, improve it, maximize your profits and spread your economic influence throughout the world!”

Doing whatever it takes to climb to the top, different mechanics can be found in this game like the Investment Rating (I.R.) system allowing your business expansion to spill over to other countries, which not only helps influence those countries, but helps seize them while other leaders are shaping up.

Looking past earning profits and building up your expansion through upgrades and so on, you will be able to play against up to three AI players to get the hang of the game. This allows newcomers to disrupt AI competitor’s influence by performing hostile actions to ensure that your actions will lead to success.

If all of that sounds like fun, an older trailer is available for you to watch showing what Economic Conquest has to offer.

If that wasn’t enough, a gameplay video showing all the nooks and crannies of Economic Conquest can be seen thanks to Dad’s Gaming Addiction, who goes over the basics in the game.

To learn more about this game you can head on over to Steam Early Access.


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