Escape From Tarkov: Video Guide Teaches You How To Play

Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov continues to move through the testing phases of development, with the developers slowly bringing in more gamers to play the open-world, survival, loot-and-shoot FPS title. It’s like a mix of Operation 7 meets S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Well, for gamers interested in how to play and what some of the gameplay mechanics are like, there’s a guide for that.

Youtuber FrankieOnPC did a recent video tutorial showcasing how to get started and how to play Escape From Tarkov. You can check out the 18 minute video below.

At the start you have the choice of modifying your character, changing the options or trading gear.

Whatever you loot during the gameplay you get to keep it in your stash. Every time you start the game up you’ll be able to check out your stash and see what you have, and bring the gear you want with you into the field.

However, whatever you have on you will be lost if you die in the game. So keep in mind that if you stash some good stuff and take it with you into battle, you will lose it all if you die.

If you die often, you can use your earned credits to restock supplies from NPCs who sell various kind of gear and items.

When it’s time to start the game you can choose to either play as the SCAVs or the PMCs.

From there you can choose which location you want to load into, including the Terminal, Shoreline, Lighthouse, Town, Woods, Factory, Customers, Interchange, Suburbs and the Streets of Tarkov.

If you press ‘T’ you can examine your gun. If you press ‘R’ you can reload. If you double-tap ‘R’ you’ll reload faster than usual, but you’ll drop your magazine in the process.

You have to keep your magazines in your inventory with your gun, otherwise you won’t be able to reload.

All of the weapons are recorded from real weapons, so when you take off the suppressors they sound beastly.

The video continues onward where Frankie begins to make his way toward a group of buildings in order to loot some gear.

In order to go into certain rooms you’ll need the key for them. You can check the manager’s office in most buildings to check for the keys to various rooms.

Frankie manages to kill two other players and loots their gear. Inside the building he showcases how you can breach doors in addition to using keys to opening the doors.

Gameplay wise, Escape From Tarkov plays almost identical to a less buggy version of DayZ. Weapon handling and movement is very realistic. He also mentions that you should never reload or loot directly after killing someone.

Also, sounds play an important part in the stealth aspects of the game; breaching doors is loud and can alert other players or enemy AI to your position. Moving through bushes will mask your visibility but your clothes moving against the bushes will cause lots of noise. The two bars in the bottom left hand corner of the screen also show your visibility via your stance, and how much noise you’re making.

You can learn more about Escape From Tarkov by visiting the official website.


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