Farming Simulator 17 Mods Change Weather And Add Krampe Truck

Mods can definitely add more replay value to a game and no exception is made with Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 17. The mods that have been made available this time around are an instant weather changer, and a truck named Krampe SB3060.

As seen above in the header image is a the well received truck Krampe SB3060. The mod comes in different colors that are labeled “dyeable”, or you can simply change the colors yourself by messing with the textures if you don’t like how the truck’s vanilla paint job looks.

Though this mod does nothing special in terms of making you get to point-A-to-B quicker, it does however add a flair to your everyday farming grind. If you happen to like this truck you can download modder Stevie’s Krampe SB3060 mod over on

Weather changing and the ability to control the seasons can be done through a mod named Season Manager v0.1. The Farming Simulator 17 mod functions as a value where place holders must be reset in the given time frame for each season.

This can be explained in that each day is assigned a season. When saving, the mod writes its own values for upcoming weather in careerSavegame.xml, which gives the game something similar to a functioning season effect.

The results simulates artificial seasons that sees Fall rain more than usual, Winter producing hail and snow, while Spring will fill the surrounding area up with a fog.

It’s also worth noting that control input values of weather are four days, which translates into a year in-game. After each year (or four days) you will need to restore the given value back to the save data, or reload the data once it has reached said value.

You can learn more or download LefthandRight and Zallamann’s weather mod by heading over to

Farming Simulator 2017 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For more information on this game you can visit


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