Final Fantasy XIV 3.5’s The Far Edge Of Fate Trailer Details Housing, Quests, Gear

Square Enix let loose the 3.5 trailer for Final Fantasy XIV, detailing the new regions, the new housing system, the new quests, gear and pets.

The first minute covers one of the new raid boss fights, as well as the new Beast Tribe quests. We see more cinematics of various characters, and then a quick glimpse at some of the new hairstyles and themed gear for the character classes, including Squall’s outfit from Final Fantasy VIII.

Some new golden gear is briefly showcased, along with Egi Glamours. This transitions smoothly into a look at the game’s new housing system, where we see the interior in a fleeting moment where it’s decorated with paintings and a fish tank.

By this point the trailer managed to hit the halfway point and it reveals a new difficulty setting for the Sohm Al dungeon. Skilled players can team up and take on the dungeon on the hard setting. This also ties into the new party finder system that the developers implemented, where they stated in the press release…

“Patch 3.5 also brings improvements to the Party Finder so that players from other worlds on the same data center can view, recruit and join parties. PvP will also receive updates to both Frontline and Duel modes, along with a new map coming to The Feast. After listening to community feedback, players will be able to use the Duty Finder while their chocobo is at their side.”

The Diadem region is then put on display, which is broken up into shards, not unlike the game Allods Online. They also show a fight with what looks like Doom Gaze from Final Fantasy VI in the deathly themed Dun Scaith region.

By the seven minute mark we finally get a look at the story scenarios and the new quests that gamers will be able to go in to further the main plot line.

Some of the new areas in the main quest look similar to Final Fantasy VII, as we get to see more magitek take center stage.

It’s tough to get an idea of what gamers think about the new 3.5 update titled The Far Edge of Fate given that Square has turned off the ratings and disabled comments on the videos. That sure shows a lot of confidence in their product.

Anyway, you can look for the first part of 3.5 to go live on January 17th and the second part to launch in March. You can learn more by visiting the official Final Fantasy XIV website.


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