Firewatch Sells Over 1 Million Copies

Campo Santo announced on Twitter recently that their first-person, walking sim adventure game, Firewatch, managed to sell just over a million copies. They said that the million mark was breached in late 2016, presumably just before the new year rolled around.

It took almost a year for the game to hit a million sales across PS4, Xbox One and PC combined. It originally launched in February of 2016 last year.

While they don’t release any figures on their Twitter account about how much the game sold, we do get a brief estimate thanks to Steam Spy, which lists Firewatch as having moved 541,000 copies. This means that the game made half of its sales based on PC alone, and the rest were divided between the Xbox One and PS4. Given the super secrecy of sales data in the gaming industry, there’s really no way to know for sure exactly how the ratio breaks down between Xbox One and PS4 owners.

As for Firewatch… the game received a lot of positive critical feedback for the voice acting and the setup. The story was well told even though some people didn’t quite care for the abrupt ending. Campo Santo definitely proved that they know how to rope players in with a compelling narrative. I wonder if they’ll attempt to try to expand on the gameplay aspects for their next title?

The art-style was well done and the premise for the story was pretty cool. The only downside was that there weren’t multiple ways of approaching a situation and that kind of limited the replay values for the game, making it mostly the sort of thing you play through once and then after that only come back to it just to experience the story a again a few years later.

Anyway, Firewatch is available right now for home consoles and PC.


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