For Honor Video Showcases Nobushi Class
For Honor Nobushi

In a new five minute video uploaded by IGN, gamers get to see the new Samurai faction class, the Nobushi, in action. The video covers some of the class skills and abilities while taking on some ferocious knights.

We see how the Nobushi uses the Nagata for ranged attacks, getting in wide-sweeping attacks to stun and damage opponents with quick attacks and fast reflexes.

You can check out the For Honor video below.

Okay, the animations look fantastic, and the style switching looks really good. However, there’s a huge issue: the actor collision box is way too huge.

The box seems to actually extend to the tip of the Nagata, meaning that opponents are hitting an invisible barrier in attempting to get close. You can briefly see it as the Nobushi moves in closer while the opponent is still trying to recover from the attacks.

This sets up a huge flaw for exploiting the Nobushi, since players could use this to effectively keep pushing opponents into corners while maintaining distance. Hopefully they change the collision detection so it stops at the actor not at the weapon.

Some people in the comment section noted that maybe it was just trash opponents who had no clue how to play. That’s a possibility. We’ll obviously need to see better players combating the Nobushi to see whether or not that hit box will be an issue.

As far as moves are concerned… her attacks look good and they actually combo and string together more fluently than any of the other classes, especially the knights – who seem to fight kind of clunky and cumbersome. She has a good set of transitions from attacks into her different stances, making it look almost as smooth as a kata.

For Honor‘s release date is fast approaching, and the game is due to drop on February 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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