Freeman: Star Edge, Adventure Sci-fi Shooter Impresses With New Gameplay Trailer

It is very rare that you see a game of this quality show up on Steam Greenlight, but developers KK Game Studio, were able to impress their audience with their new science fiction third person shooter game, Freeman: Star Edge.

To explain Freeman: Star Edge in simple terms, it is like Mass Effect and Skyrim combined together into a single game. You will play as a mercenary that was exiled to the far reaches of the Galaxy, and it is there that you will start over and build your new life.

The gameplay trailer for Freeman: Star Edge is quite detailed and shows several different gameplay elements and features. You will be able to create your own character, choosing between male and female, and customize them with a large variety of different options, ranging from skin color, to hair styles, and from the looks of it, even the makeup. The trailer also shows that you will be able to customize your characters with a large variety of different outfits, armor types and weapons, showcasing pistols, rifles and machine guns, as well as what looks to be swords and lightsaber style melee weapons, as the characters battle against rival humans and the local wildlife of the planet.

One of the parts that really caught my eye outside of the third person shooter elements, was the fact that the trailer for Freeman: Star Edge shows the character sneaking around and stealing items as if it were part of the Elder Scrolls series. You will be able to pick fruit and vegetables off of plants and trees, as well as go inside houses and take items and weapons. You will also be able to recruit and hire your own army to join your team and fight by yourside.

The trailer goes on to show that you can own your own house and customize it with different future and items. Graphically, Freeman: Star Edge looks beautiful, especially for it to still be in the early phases of development. But so far the base game looks pretty solid, showing us some steady framerate during battles, customization, and impressive graphics. For an indie game on Steam Greenlight, the developers have pulled off a pretty impressive looking game. Take a look at the gameplay trailer for Freeman: Star Edge that I linked down below to see for yourself.

Freeman: Star Edge will be a single player adventure game, so don’t expect to be able to play with your friends, but I’m actually okay with that.

Freeman: Star Edge looks like what the Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic series could have turned into if the series had continued. There is something about it that is giving me Star Wars RPG adventure vibes, especially with the way the developers describe being able to play a large variety of different roles, ranging from being a smuggler to a mercenary, and recruiting new members from across the galaxy to explore both the streets of strange new worlds, as well as ancient ruins to find rare treasures.

When will the game come out? If everything goes according to plan, developers KK Game Studio says that they will do Full Release by the end of December, but will go into Early Access by mid September. However, I’ve been on the indie game scene long enough to know that game development never goes 100% according to plan, so I wouldn’t be shocked if the game is still in Early Access moving into 2018. As you can see from the milestone chart quoted below, the developers are planning to release a playable gameplay demo by the end of March.

March 30: Playable demo
September 15: Early Access
December 30: Full Release

For more information and detail about Freeman: Star Edge, visit their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote and to learn more about the game. Make sure to also check out the developer’s IndieDB page as well for additional information.


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