Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Video Covers Weapons And Single Player

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands mixes both multiplayer and single-player elements together in an open-world, cartel controlled environment that calls for both guns-a-blazing and stealth tactics. In the latest gameplay trailer we get to see the single player aspects of taking on a mission unlike older videos focusing on the multiplayer, which is also accompanied by weapon customization and more.

Ubisoft just released a new gameplay trailer showing the open world game Ghost Recon Wildlands single player playthrough, weapon customization and an in-game cutscene.

If you recall older titles in the Ghost Recon series you could command your teammates to do specific things. However back then the commands where very stiff and usually had problems when in play. Now players can select designated targets and have AI teammates follow a command or two. It’s worth noting that they can be seen just like you, so using cover is still important when traversing quietly.

We later see weapon customization that enables a player to create a variety of firearms to suit any situation. The mode created for customizing a weapon reveals a broken up variant of the gun the player wants to change and holds options for barrels, stocks, sights, and whatever comes to mind.

The trailer below focuses on a character that looks like Tim Harmsen from the Military Arms Channel, who’s on a mission to extract La Santera to Espiritu Santo Bravo. You can check out the new 20 minute long gameplay video that Ubisoft US posted.

If you are looking forward to this game you will be able to start playing the first-person/third-person shooter on March 7th, which will be for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Lastly, and assuming you are picked, you can head on over to to learn more about the Beta to test the game early.


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