Ghost Recon: Wildlands New Video Covers Skydiving And Capturing

There are videos out there showing vehicles and air support in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but a new video that is now up focuses solely on finishing up a mission quickly after skydiving out of a chopper and how coordinated ground attacks can sync with air support. Ubisoft’s FPS/TPS is set to launch this year on March 7th, and will be for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

To be honest, I’m very leery about Ghost Recon: Wildlands. After the glitchy Division came out and proved to be lackluster and filled with dull grinding and bullet sponge enemies, I wouldn’t be shocked if this game fell in the same direction in that pressing problems on release are ignored by the devs in an attempt to get “mo’ money” from DLC or other shenanigans.

Although that is just my opinion why I’m on the fence when it comes to being excited for this game, there are other gamers out there pumped for this title. With that said, Ubisoft LatinoAmerica released a video¬† recently showing an operation dealing with a chopper and a capture target.

The video covers skydiving downward and locating a VIP so that the team can capture the target and get out alive with the help of their trusty helicopter. The video doesn’t run long and stands to show the potential of working together and how quick a mission can be finished when coordinated.

Unlike some videos in the past for Wildlands that are heavily scripted with the developers posing as your regular gamers playing the game and talking to each other, this video just contains in-game character audio and mixes short clips together to show Operation Skydive in effect.

If you are excited for the upcoming iteration of Ghost Recon, commonly known as Wildlands, the open world shooter game is set to come out on march 7th, and is slated to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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