Ghost Recon Wildlands Video Previews Tractors, Female Customization, Road Combat
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands video covers some of the customization, the vehicles and some of the recon and unlockable features. The video clocks in at 26 minutes long, so you’ll definitely want to sit down and strap in if you haven’t already.

YouTube outlet outsidexbox put together the video featuring a look at some of the gameplay of Ghost Recon Wildlands. They start by customizing a female character, going through things like tattoos, hats, eye patches, face paint, clothing attire, accessories, pants and gear. Originally Jane wanted to put her female character in short shorts, but I don’t think they allow you to cosplay as Lara Croft. You can check out the video below.

You don’t have to worry about medical supplies or have to worry about watching your health. The game uses Call of duty style health, so if you get shot a lot you just hide and wait for the health to be replenished.

The health feature essentially reduces any sort of tensions during the shootouts. You can get shot down when your screen is completely turned red; but you still won’t die. Instead of biting the dust, you’ll have another health meter that decreases as you lie on the ground… bleeding and dying. If a teammate is nearby they can revive you.

The weapons still come across as kind of weak. They don’t seem to have much of kick. It could be that every time they showcase footage of the game or whenever gameplay is revealed they always use silenced weapons, so maybe that could be it? It would be nice to finally see some of the weapons on display that don’t seem like muffled down pea-shooting airsoft rifles.

Anyway, as you complete side missions you can unlock new ancillary tactical options, such as using the rebel group to help you out in a bind by dropping mortars on the heads of enemies.

We also get to see quite a few new vehicles on display. The physics aren’t great but they aren’t awful either. I would compare them to the likes of Just Cause.

What is impressive is the road combat. The driving and shooting actually looks pretty intense, and the fact that cars don’t just instantly blow up makes it seem a bit more realistic and grounded than GTA V or Mafia III or Watch Dogs 2 where cars are constantly blowing up left and right.

You can look for Ghost Recon Wildlands to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting March 7th, 2017.


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