Grappledrome, Deathmatch Game Set To Launch In February

800 Games is the publisher and developer of the latest indie game to step onto the scene, Grappledrome. The fast-pace action title will bring classic arena-style shooting, along with grapple-ready environments to players while they face off against foes in a futuristic world. Grappledrome is set to release during February for PC.

Grappledrome sees a future where all humans left their flesh state to transcend solely into cybernetic entities, where all consciousnesses and memories of every human are uploaded to these machines. The Overlord of the cybernetic realm turns and wishes to see all non-malevolent artificial intelligence enslaved in an arena named Grappledrome.

Part of the story and gameplay for Grappledrome  is explained below.

“Mankind’s digital paradise has become a cyber-Hell! Armed with your grappling-hook arm, engage in arena-style combat in service to the Overlord – your A.I. God-King. This innovative multiplayer game built around a grappling/swinging movement mechanic will test your twitch-shooter skills like never before!”

The game is said to be a tense, fast-pace multiplayer game that mixes arena shooter elements with grappling mechanics. In other words, if you enjoy games like Unreal Tournament and Bionic Commando, then you’ll likely find Grappledrom to be something of interest.

I do have to say that for the trailer to be made by an indie group it comes off as very cinematic and well put together. The trailer gives the right amount of footage to show what player can do in the game and how it can be done through in-game footage.

You can check out the two minute and 30 second long video trailer below.

I’d image that if you could get a bunch of very skilled, mouse-flicking players with insane reaction time to play this game I’m sure each battle would be very fast and beyond entertaining to watch.

If this game looks like something worth keeping an eye on, you can head on over to Steam Early Access or


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