GTA 5 Titanic Sinking Simulation Mod Takes Cues From Uncharted 3
GTA 5 Titanic

Uncharted 3 had some awesome blockbuster set-pieces. One of the set-pieces in the game featured an ocean liner tipping upside down while sinking to the bottom of the ocean. During the capsizing of the ship, relentless, rogue hero, Nathan Drake, goes through the daring challenge of attempting to escape from the ocean liner while it’s tipping and sinking and filling with water. Well, scripting modders for GTA V have attempted a similar feat with the Titanic mod, forcing players to have to escape while the mammoth ship fills up with water.

YouTuber DoctorGTA did a video demonstration not too long ago, featuring the mod in action, where he gets aboard the remodeled 3D rendition of the Titanic and begins the simulation process where the ship begins to flood. You can check out the video below.

Before getting to the whole sinking element… the Doctor of GTA gives a tour of the Titanic. He fanboys out over the intricate details put into the mod, which was originally modeled by Kyle Hudak.

Modder FoxtrotDelta made the mode where you can control and steer the ship while it’s out in the water, and modder KAFAROS made it the sinking simulation script.

Once you spawn the boat in you can start the sinking sim and attempt to escape. They place you at a random part inside the ship and you have to try to make your way out to the very top and to one of the lifeboats.

GTA 5 - Titanic Mod

The mod is very impressive if I must say so myself. The sound alone is absolutely incredible. You can hear the boat creaking and breaking as it sinks.

One of the really cool elements of the mod is that the Titanic sinks in different ways. It looks absolutely terrifying from underwater. The way it sinks depends on where it’s positioned in the water.

The farther out in the sea you place it the more dynamic it sinks.

Now there are some minor quibbles that nag my nillies. Some of the textures on the phone are pretty low-res, and hopefully they’ll increase the texture resolution on the interior detail for some of the props baked onto the mesh. However, other details, such as the railings, the stair, the line work, and the floor decals are great.

GTA 5 - Titanic Mod

If you want to get your hands on the Titanic mod for GTA V, you can do so by visiting the GTA5-Mods download page.

It’s a huge mod that will require close to 100MB to install.

And for those of you who are unaware of the Uncharted 3 boat-tipping scene, you can check it out below courtesy of MahaloVideoGames. It was easily one of the highlights from the game.


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