Guardians Of Arcadia Trailer Features Nostalgic JRPG Gameplay

Fabula Epic released a new trailer for their JRPG-inspired title Guardians of Arcadia. The upcoming 3D role-playing game features classic adventuring, storytelling and turn-based, strategic combat aimed at rekindling the classic nostalgia from the yesteryears of gaming, but designed to appeal to the modern day tastes of gamers.

If you were fan of classics like Legend of Dragoon or Legend of Legaia or other JRPGs that helped shape the late 1990s and early 2000s, you might appreciate what Fabula Epic is attempting to do with their game Guardians of Arcadia. You can see what it looks like in action and how the exploration and combat partially works with the trailer below.

In the press release they explain what they have in store for gamers with Guardians of Arcadia, stating…

“Guardians of Arcadia is a single-player RPG with inspiration in the successes of the 1990’s. The game will incorporate popular elements of games on that decade. Some of those elements are the design of chibi characters, random battles, the combat system through menus, and a fully explorable world.”

Players follow the character of Hikaru and his sister Aki, as they attempt to gather their party, grow strong with grinding, discover new friendships, unearth the sinister plot to destroy their home town, and stop the evil General Nero of Baikal.

The turn-based combat system relies on strategically discovering the weaknesses of enemies and exploiting them for victory. The game will feature multiple locations to visit, bosses to fight and items to discover. They’re designing the game to be played with controllers, but mouse and keyboard are welcome. There will also be English, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese made available at launch (and given the rise of Chinese gamers, they might want to consider adding Mandarin as well).

You can keep an eye on Guardians of Arcadia, which his due to launch sometime this year on PC, by visiting the Steam store page.


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